Promote your podcast with social clips

Generate short-form video clips of your audio podcast. Share them on social media. Find new listeners for your show.

How It Works

Publish your first promotional video in under 2 minutes

Connect your podcast

Sync content from Apple Podcasts or from your RSS Feed

Choose an episode

Select the episode you want to use to promote your show

Select your audio

Clips can be up to 60 seconds long, making them perfect for short-form content feeds

Generate captions

Use our transcription AI to automatically generate captions for your clip

Edit the captions

Update the generated captions and their timestamps so that they are rendered correctly in your clip

Customise your clip

Select custom colours, fonts, backgrounds, artwork, and more

Download and publish

Download your promotional video before publishing on social media

Valuable tool for podcasters

Reverb Street is a valuable tool for podcasters who want to grow their audience and reach more listeners.

K. Mishra

Reach a wider audience

This is an innovative and effective way to grow your podcast audience. By creating short-form video clips of your audio podcast and sharing them on social media, you can reach a wider audience and engage with potential listeners in a new way.

Syed Ali Waris

Love this idea

Love this idea. I’ve discovered so many podcasts and YouTube shows via YouTube and Instagram short-form videos.

Rashad Sanders


Everything you need to promote your podcast

Create clips that reflect your brand and message

Select custom brand colours. Choose from a wide array of fonts for the animated captions. Add custom backgrounds. Add your existing show or episode artwork to your clips

Find listeners in short-form social media feeds

Short-form clips are played automatically in the viewer’s video feed. Platforms favour short-form content when judging engagement. Get more recommendations and wider audience reach

Refer new listeners to your podcast or website

Add custom outros. Encourage listeners to follow your podcast on a specific podcasting app or to visit your website. Send listeners to your latest episode with a banner